Does Botox Work On Everyone?

Botox can be performed on people of any age (within reasons), skin type or sex and for the most part, the results are excellent. However, there can be exceptions and not everyone responds equally well to Botox. The following are the most likely reasons:

  • Individual results: For reasons not fully understood, some people respond less well to Botox than other people do. Furthermore, some people find the effects do not last as long as they do for the average person. For the vast majority of people, the cosmetic effects of Botox will last for around 4 months, although for some people it may be as little as 4-6 weeks. It is not known exactly why this is the case but it is thought that it relates to how quickly people metabolise Botox.
  • Botox has limits: Botox cannot treat every cosmetic issue you have and if your wrinkles/furrows are particularly deep, then you may respond better to other treatments such as dermal fillers. Also, if you have excessive sagging skin then Botox is not likely to be an appropriate treatment for you and you would be better advised to consider a surgical procedure such as a facelift.
  • Bad batch: Occasionally Botox will not give you the expected results as a consequence of it being a bad batch. If it was not stored properly or there were some issues with it during the manufacturing process, then it may have lost some of its potency.
  • Botox immunity: Although extremely rare, some people appear to be immune to Botox and will experience no effects from it whatever. This is extremely unlikely and should you be one of the unlucky ones then your practitioner will suggest an alternative treatment such as Dermal fillers. For some people, this immunity will be from the very first injection, whereas others may find they initially respond to Botox but subsequent injections do not work as well.
  • Botox side effects: Botox side effects are extremely rare but should you experience any adverse reaction to the injections you should consider alternative treatments. For more information on the potential side effects, you can click here.

In summary, Botox works on just about everyone and for most people, the results are long-lasting and impressive.

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