Does Botox Work On Crows Feet?

Botox is used to treat many different cosmetic problems and it works particularly well on crow’s feet. Crow’s feet start out as fine lines from the outer corner of our eye and they tend to deepen and increase with age. It is for this reason that they are often associated with getting older and consequently people look for ways to reduce them.
Looking after your skin can help to slow down the development of crow’s feet and it is especially important that you follow these important bits of advice:

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure: Sun can damage the skin causing it to lose its firmness.
  • Quick smoking: Smoking is proven to damage the health of your skin.
  • Moisturise: It is important to keep the area moisturised with good quality products.

Crow’s feet can be easily treated by using Botox and the results are generally very impressive. It is important to realise however that Botox is not a cure for crow’s feet as once the effects of the Botox wear off, the crow’s feet will return. The effects of Botox generally last for around 4 months, although this can be slightly longer for some people. If you repeat the Botox procedure the effects are likely to last longer the second and third time around. The reason the lines appear around your eyes (crows feet) is as a result of muscles in that area contracting. Botox treats the crow’s feet by effectively stopping these muscles from contracting. By injecting the nerves that supply these muscles, so the appearance of crow’s feet can be significantly improved.
In summary, Botox injections work exceptionally well on crows feet and in most cases, it will have a dramatic improvement in their appearance.

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