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Success and Advantages

Once you have decided you would like to undertake laser eye surgery the next step is to book in for a consultation to check you are suitable.

Whilst there is some variation between different clinics, the typical suitability rate is around 85%, meaning 15% of people are likely to be unsuitable for the surgery.

As laser eye surgery has improved over the years the prescription range has widened, meaning fewer people are beyond the treatable range. There are however certain general health conditions and eye conditions that may mean you are not a suitable candidate for surgery.

Long term Advantages of Laser Eye Surgery

Better results with lower prescriptions: The higher your prescription the less chance you have of achieving perfect vision. This is especially true of long sighted prescriptions where the chances of achieving 20|20 vision reduces sharply with prescriptions over +3.00 Dioptres.

Better results with short sighted prescriptions: Short sighted prescriptions achieve better results than longsighted prescriptions and this is the same for low or high prescriptions. In addition to this, long sighed prescriptions show a much higher chance of regression than short sighted prescriptions and this is especially true if the correction is over +3.00 Dioptres.

As the technology has improved over the last 20 years the chances of achieving 20|20 vision has significantly increased.

"Well looked after and amazing results My whole experience has been faultless. From my initial enquiry to post-surgery. Very happy with my care and my results. Life is so much better now!"
"Brilliant, highly recommended Very satisfied, excellent results, and great after care."
"After comparing all the clinics I decided to just go for it! I booked my consultation through Right Clinic and got a better price than if I'd gone direct." Jayne Blake, Cardiff “I saved £300 on my laser eye surgery at Optical Express when I booked through Right Clinic and now I never have to wear glasses again. Thank You!"
"Well looked after and amazing results My whole experience has been faultless. From my initial enquiry to post-surgery. Very happy with my care and my results. Life is so much better now!"
" its been great. everyone has given so much care and attention. its been very straightforward and I've felt comfortable the whole time. I would recommend the surgery to anyone thinking about it."
"I am now able to do virtually anything I want without having to think about my eye sight. I have noticed that there are lots of things people take for granted, the most important one is the difficulties those who have poor visions encounter on a daily basis. I feel completely liberated after having my eye surgery. "
"The whole process was easy start to finish. I booked a consultation, was accepted for laser surgery and had the procedure a couple of weeks later. I could see almost instantly and my quality of life has improved dramatically. Apart from a few hours of discomfort afterwards the whole experience was pain free. The staff and surgeon were very informative and caring. "
"The procedure was quick, painless and simple. After 3hrs post surgery I had no eye irritation and felt very comfortable. I have experienced no issues or side effects and would 100% recommend the procedure to a friend."
"The actual surgery was over so quickly. There was some discomfort for the first few hours but this was quickly over. My eye sight was great right from the minute the surgery was finished with just 24 hours of cloudiness. The check ups afterwards have always been fine. "
"Fast and painless. Staff and surgeon made me feel so comfortable and answered every single question without me having to ask anything. Don't know why I was worried in the first place! I felt cared for and I still do with the aftercare I am being provided."
"So much freedom not having to wear glasses or contact lens - hard to explain if you have never had to wear them. Staff have been brilliant and made me feel so comfortable at every appointment and the surgeon had such a lovely calming manner. So happy to have finally got laser treatment after about 25 years of thinking about it but not wishing to have it done. So glad I finally changed my mind."

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