Can Botox Lift Jowls?

The jowls refer to the lower part of a person’s cheek and as we get older they become fleshier and more droopy. This is one of the most common facial features that people associate with getting older and it tends to affect women more than men. As the jowls start to droop it results in the loss of the defined jawline, which is associated with youth and beauty. The face then becomes wider and more square-shaped and this continues to get worse as we age.
There are 3 main factors that cause Jowls to develop and they are as follows:

    1. Gravity: Unfortunately gravity is always acting against us and over many years our cheeks start to sag as a result.
    2. Loss of elasticity of the skin: As we get older the amount of elastin and collagen in our skin starts to reduce. Both these proteins are essential for the health and elasticity of our skin and as their levels drop, it means our skin is less able to retain its shape and therefore is more susceptible to sagging.
    3. Skin attachment to muscle: The attachment between the skin and the underlying muscle becomes weaker meaning the skin has less to ‘hang on’ to. This will significantly accelerate the development of sagging jowls.

Unfortunately sagging jowls is not a problem with the actual muscles and therefore no amount of facial exercises will have any effect on their appearance. It is generally agreed that the best form of treatment for sagging jowls is a facelift, possibly combined with liposuction to remove the excess fat.
For those not wanting to undergo surgery there is a Botox alternative which is called the Nefertiti Lift. The way Botox lifts jowls is by nullifying the effect of the muscles that are pulling the jawline down. By injecting Botox into specific nerves that supply these muscles, the jawline will become visibly lifted and more contoured. It is important to realise that Botox injections will need to be repeated every 4 months or so depending on individual circumstances if you want to maintain the same results. You can read more about how long Botox lasts here.
Although Botox can lift jowls, its effectiveness really does depend on the extent of the sagging. If you have large drooping jowls then Botox is unlikely to give you the results that you desire. In such cases, you really would be better off considering a surgical procedure. The main advantage of using Botox to lift the jowls rather than surgery is the fact that there is no recovery period required. The Botox procedure can be carried out very quickly and it is extremely safe. Botox side effects are rare and it is far cheaper than surgery, although it does need repeating.
In summary, Botox can lift jowls although there is a limit to what it can treat. When considering the procedure it is important that you use a practitioner who is experienced in performing the Nefertiti Lift to ensure you get the best possible results.

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