Can Botox Help Droopy Eye Lids?

Botox is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that can be used to treat imperfections of the face and neck area. There are limitations as to what the Botox procedure can treat and it works most effectively on mild wrinkles and frown lines.
Botox is injected into nerves that supply certain muscles within the face, which in turn causes them to relax. Relaxing certain muscles can improve the appearance of the face by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
Botox would not normally be considered the best option to treat drooping eyelids and most practitioners would generally recommend a surgical procedure such as a brow lift. Droopy eyelids are typically caused by excessive sagging skin or fat which weighs down the eyelids.
Botox can be injected into the muscles which pull the eyebrows down which causes them to relax. Relaxing these muscles has the effect of raising the eyebrows up slightly, which can in some cases improve the appearance of the drooping lids. The effects tend to be very subtle and should only be considered for mildly drooping eyelids. It is important that your practitioner manages your expectations as you are unlikely to see a significant improvement in the position of your eyelids.
Botox can be used in other ways to improve the appearance around the eyes and it is particularly effective at treating the smile lines (crow’s feet) which can develop around the corners of the eyes. Treating these lines can make you appear more awake and younger-looking and it is one of the most common uses of Botox. Botox is also very effective at reducing frown lines and wrinkles of the forehead which can also appear as we get older.
In summary, although Botox can improve the appearance of drooping eyelids it would generally not be considered the treatment of choice. You are likely to get a far better result with a surgical procedure such as a brow lift and this should be discussed during a cosmetic consultation.

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