What Is The Laser Eye Surgery Recovery Like?

Concerns about the laser eye surgery recovery is one of the biggest fears people have about the procedure. Like with more things in life, the actual thought of having something done is often not as bad as the reality.
The typical things that people are concerned about with the recovery are as follows:

  • The pain involved after laser eye surgery.
  • Worried about how soon they will be able to drive following laser eye surgery.
  • Worried about when they will be able to return to work and normal activities following laser eye surgery.
  • Worried whether they can play sport after laser eye surgery.

The answers to these questions are below:

  • What pain can I expect during the laser eye surgery recovery? Immediately following surgery there will be no pain at all as your eyes will still be anaesthetised. However, as the anaesthetic wears off you can expect some discomfort. How much discomfort there will be will depend on which procedure you have had. Lasik results in very little discomfort at all and most people only report mild symptoms which typically lasts for 24 – 48 hours. Lasek recovery, however, typically involves more discomfort and lasts for a longer period of time. Full recovery can take up to 10 days following Lasek eye surgery especially if your prescription is high.
  • How soon can I drive after laser eye surgery? Again this depends on whether you are having Lasik or Lasek surgery. Most people can drive within 24 – 48 hours following Lasik, whereas it can be up to 1 week following Lasek eye surgery. This varies from individual to individual and the higher your initial prescription the longer your vision will take to settle down.
  • When can I return to work and normal activities after laser eye surgery? Most people can return to work within 48 hours following Lasik surgery. Lasek is typically longer and people will often need up to 1 week off work following surgery. Everyone’s eyes heal at different rates so expect some variation on these figures. This will also vary depending on what type of employment you are in.
  • Can I play sport after laser eye surgery? There will obviously be a period of healing following laser eye surgery where you will not be allowed to play sport. If you have had Lasek you can normally return to sport and physical activities sooner than compared with Lasik. For more detailed information on working out after laser eye surgery, you can read this guide.

As you can see from this article there really is nothing to fear about the laser eye surgery recovery. The first choice for laser eye surgery is normally Lasik as it has a quick and painless recovery period. If however you are involved in a physical sport or job, then Lasek may be the better option for you.
The final decision is however always down to the surgeon who may advise one procedure over the other based on findings from your consultation. For example, if you have particularly thin corneas you may have no option but to have Lasek.

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