What Does Laser Eye Surgery Involve?

If you are considering having laser eye surgery it is important that you understand exactly what is involved with the procedure. Before agreeing to the actual surgery you will need to book in for a consultation where your suitability will be assessed.
Assuming you are found to be suitable the following is what you can expect on the day of your surgery:

  • You will be advised to arrive at least one hour prior to your surgery. It is advisable that you have someone with you as your eyes may be blurred after the procedure. It is also recommended that you bring sunglasses with you as your eyes will be light sensitive after surgery.
  • You will see the surgeon at least once prior to the surgery and he/she will instil all the appropriate drops that are required to numb your eyes etc.
  • When you come through for the actual surgery you will probably have more eye drops instilled and you will be asked to lie down on a bed/chair. Your eyelids will be held open with a special instrument to ensure you do not blink during the procedure. You will not feel anything during the procedure other than mild pressure and the whole thing typically only takes around 15 minutes to do both eyes.
  • During the procedure, you will generally be asked to fixate on a light and the surgeon will instruct you to do this. When the actual laser is being applied there may be a rattling noise but you will not feel anything.
  • Once the surgery is complete and your surgeon is happy, you will be allowed to leave and return home. Your surgeon will give you eye drops that you will need to instil as instructed. Your first aftercare will be the next day and it is essential that you attend it.
  • You will be in mild to moderate discomfort depending on whether you have had Lasik or Lasek. You can read more about what to expect after laser eye surgery by reading the following blog post:
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What does laser eye surgery feel like?

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