Refractive Lens Exchange Recovery

The recovery period after refractive lens exchange is similar to that following implantable contact lens surgery. Most people want to know how soon following surgery they can drive, how quick their vision will settle down and when they will be able to return to work.

The following gives a typical recovery after refractive lens exchange:

  • After refractive lens exchange surgery you will have padding over your eye to help prevent the risk of infection.
  • You will experience mild discomfort and your eyes will be gritty and light sensitive for a few hours after surgery.
  • You will be allowed to go home the same day as the surgery. Make sure someone is with you to drive you home.
  • The next day when you wake up your eye lids are likely to be crusty. Gently clear this away with a clean cloth and start using your post-operative eye drops that your surgeon has prescribed. These may well have to be continued for 2-3 weeks.
  • Visual improvement is quick and is normally noticed within 1 day of surgery.
  • You can normally drive/return to work within 2 weeks of surgery. This may be longer if a larger incision had to be used. (Larger than 2-3mm).
  • You need to take it easy for a week or so and be careful not to rub your eyes or get shampoo in them.
  • Your aftercare schedule will vary from one surgeon to another. After refractive lens exchange surgery, expect to have aftercare appointments 1 day after surgery, 1 month after surgery, 3 months after surgery and then 1 year after surgery.

Everyone’s eyes are different meaning some people may recover faster and with fewer complications than others. Following your surgeon’s advice and attending all your aftercare appointments will ensure you have the best chance of a quick and easy recovery from refractive lens exchange surgery.

You can read more about refactive lens exchange here.

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