Lasik vs Lasek

Lasik and Lasek are types of laser eye surgery and both will be discussed with you during a laser eye surgery consultation. Lasik is by far the more common of the 2 procedures accounting for about 90% off all surgeries that are carried out. Generally speaking, you will only have Lasek ahead of Lasik if your surgeon specifically advises that this is the best treatment for you. There are some pros and cons with both procedures and the main ones are discussed below:

Lasik vs Lasek Comparison:

  • The risks: Both techniques are extremely safe with only 1 in 1000 procedures resulting in a complication. Lasek is however considered to be a slightly safer procedure as a large percentage of the laser eye surgery risks are related to the creation of the flap. No flap is created during Lasek and therefore there are fewer complications. To read about the risks exclusive to Lasik you should read the following link: Complications of Lasik.
  • Pain: There is very little / no pain associated with the actual surgery for either Lasik or Lasek but there is considerably more discomfort involved with the Lasek recovery. In addition to this, the Lasek recovery is significantly longer than the Lasik recovery.
  • Driving: You will be able to drive sooner following Lasik surgery than Lasek. Following Lasik eye surgery most people can drive within 24 hours providing your eyes have healed as they should do. Following Lasek however, the visual recovery is slower and it is likely to be 4 -7 days until you will be able to drive.
  • Most popular: Lasik is by far the most popular procedure with approximately 9 times more people choosing it ahead of Lasek. The reason for this is the quicker healing time and less pain involved with Lasik.
  • Corneal thickness: This is a very important factor in deciding which technique you will be suitable for. If you have thin corneas you may not be suitable for Lasik and therefore your surgeon will recommend that you have Lasek. The reason Lasek can be carried out on thinner corneas is that no flap is created with the Lasek procedure, which means more of your cornea is left intact.
  • Results: Both Lasek and Lasik produce similar laser eye surgery results.
  • Cost: The price is generally very similar for Lasik and Lasek although some clinics charge slightly less for Lasek.

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