Implantable Contact Lens Risks

As with all surgical procedures there are risks associated with implantable contact lenses, although with a skilled surgeon these are kept to a minimum. These risks should always but discussed with your surgeon prior to undergoing surgery. The most common risks are as follows:

  • Infection: This is very unlikely due to the sterile conditions in which the surgery is carried out.
  • Cataracts: This is more likely if the implantable contact lens is attached in front of the lens. See the implantable contact lens procedure for more information.
  • Over/under correction: This happens when the implantable contact lens that is inserted in the eye is not the exact power that is required to eliminate the prescription in your spectacles/contact lenses. The Implantable Contact lens can be removed and replaced with the correct power if there is a large over/under correction.
  • Increased pressure in your eye: Your surgeon will check and monitor this and therefore the risk is very low.
  • Misplaced lens: Very occasionally the implantable contact lens needs to be repositioned.
  • Night Vision problems: Haloes, glare and starbursts are all risks associated with implantable contact lenses, although as the lens technology improves these are becoming less of a problem.
  • Other Risks: Retinal detachment, Glaucoma and Corneal problems are all rare risks of the procedure.

A skilled surgeon and comprehensive pre-surgical assessment mean the implantable contact lens risks are kept to a minimum.

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