Does Botox Get Rid Of Bags Under The Eyes?

Developing bags under our eyes is generally seen as an inevitable part of getting older and for most people, this appearance does not overly worry them. However, for some people, eye bags can occur at quite a young age and consequently can have a detrimental effect on their appearance.
Eye bags can make people look older and more tired than they actually are and can lead to people making the wrong assumptions about a person’s lifestyle.
What are the most common causes of eye bags?

  • Age: Without a doubt, this is the biggest cause of eye bags and occurs as our skin becomes looser and saggier as we get older. This loss of elasticity allows fluids and fat to deposit more easily into the lower eyelid.
  • Genetics: If your parents developed bags under their eyes at a young age, then unfortunately you have a higher chance of doing the same.
  • Allergies: Some people will develop swelling under their eyes as a result of an allergic reaction. The best way to avoid this is to determine what you are allergic to and try to avoid contact with the known allergen.
  • Lack of sleep: Although sleep deprivation is a factor it is not nearly as significant as what most people believe. Plenty of people who get more than enough sleep will still develop eye bags and vice versa there are just as many people who get very little sleep and do not get bags under their eyes.

Can Botox treat these eye bags?
Botox can treat eye bags to a certain degree but it really does depend on how bad they are. In some cases, a combination of Botox and dermal fillers can improve their appearance but your options are best discussed with a skilled practitioner. If the eye bags are particularly bad you are most likely to need a surgical procedure called a blepharoplasty. Botox is far better equipped to treat the lines at the side of your eyes which are known as crow’s feet.

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