Laser Eye Surgery Cost

The cost of laser eye surgery varies based on your prescription and the type of treatment being offered. One of the most important things to consider when researching the price of your surgery is that you’re comparing like for like, as there are various different options available.

For example, some clinics will offer a lifetime guarantee for your surgery whereas others may only agree to perform retreatment within a 12 month period should your vision regress.

Approximate Guide To Laser Eye Surgery Cost:

  • Laser eye surgery consultation: The vast majority of clinics offer free consultations although this is not always the case.
  • Standard LASIK: £595 to £1,500 per eye. Please note that very few people will qualify for the £595 Lasik as it only relates to very mild prescriptions. LASIK cost typically increases as the prescription gets higher although some clinics offer a fixed price regardless of prescription.
  • Standard LASEK£395 to £1500 per eye.  As with LASIK, only mild prescriptions will qualify for the £395 LASEK.
  • WavefrontAdd approximately £400 per eye. Wavefront is a premium add on to LASIK eye surgery and LASEK eye surgery which usually results in a better visual outcome as it removes your prescription 25 x more accurately than glasses or contact lenses. Some clinics perform Wavefront as standard and this will be reflected in a higher starting price. See our Wavefront guide for more information.
  • Intralase: Add approximately £400 per eye. Intralase is an example of a femtosecond laser and describes the way in which the flap is created during LASIK. Femto-LASIK is also referred to as bladeless LASIK, as a laser is used to create the flap as opposed to a mechanical blade (microkeratome) with standard treatments.

Other bladeless manufacturers clinics use:

  • Technolas Perfect Vision
  • Carl Zeiss Meditec

As with Wavefront, some clinics will perform bladeless LASIK as their standard treatment and again this will be reflected in a higher starting price. To read more about this procedure please read the following link: Intralase guide.

  • Monovision: £395 – £2,500 per eye: Monovision laser eye surgery is the same price as the equivalent LASIK or LASEK that you choose. For example, if you decide to have standard LASIK and the price is £895 per eye then this will be the same for Monovision. You can read more about this treatment at the following link: Monovision explained.
  • Laser blended vision: £2,100 – £2,300 per eye: You can read more about this procedure at the following link: What is laser blended vision?

Factors Affecting Cost:

  • Prescription: Higher prescriptions are typically more expensive and this is the same for long-sighted, short-sighted and astigmatic prescriptions.
  • Procedure: This is the main factor that affects the cost of laser eye surgery. Adding Wavefront and Intralase to your procedure will increase the price. Some clinics will offer Intralase and Wavefront as standard, although the starting price will be higher.
  • Technology: You are likely to pay more if your laser eye surgery is performed using the very latest technology. Using such equipment will typically mean a safer and more accurate procedure.
  • Surgeon: A more experienced laser eye surgeon with better visual outcomes and lower complication rates is likely to command a higher price.
  • Clinic: Clinics with better laser eye surgery results and fewer complications are likely to charge a higher price.

Additional Laser Eye Surgery Cost Factors:

  • Payment plans: Most laser eye surgery clinics in the UK will offer payment plans and finance packages to help make your laser eye surgery more affordable. Some clinics offer 0% finance but will generally ask that you leave an initial deposit.
  • Be wary of advertised prices: Clinics typically advertise the lowest possible price but usually, only a small percentage of people will actually qualify for it. The low price will typically only relate to prescriptions up to -1.00 which is very mild.
  • What does the treatment include? Prices that are advertised typically refer to the standard treatment. Whilst you may be happy to have the standard treatment you may not actually be suitable for it for reasons such as the strength of your prescription or the shape of your eye. In most cases, either Wavefront or Intralase will be required and this will incur extra charges.
  • Lifetime guarantee: You need to check with the clinic whether the treatment comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Aftercare: Most clinics offer free unlimited aftercare as standard but this is something you should confirm prior to agreeing to surgery.

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