Botox And Pregnancy

Botox is a widely used product that can improve the cosmetic appearance of both the neck and face area. It is injected into specific nerves in order to prevent the target muscles from contracting. By relaxing the muscles in certain parts of your face, frown lines and wrinkles can be significantly reduced.
No one is 100% certain whether Botox is safe to use when pregnant. The main reason for this is that tests would have to be carried out on pregnant woman and consequently, very little research has been conducted. Botox is however a very localised treatment and the concentrations used are very low. As a consequence, the chances of Botox getting into the systemic blood circulation and damaging the foetus are extremely slim.
The amount of Botox that is administered is small and it is specifically targeted to affect a particular nerve. The Botox molecules quickly bind to proteins and there is no evidence to suggest that is can cross the placenta to affect the baby. Having said this, the general advice on taking any medication during pregnancy is to only take it if there is medical justification. The manufacturers of course also recommended that Botox is not used during pregnancy or breastfeeding so this is that advice that you should take.
If you are reading this article and have already had Botox injections during pregnancy then you really shouldn’t worry about it. The chance of it affecting the baby is minute and worrying about it will actually do more damage. As said above, the main reason that there have been very few studies on the effects of Botox on pregnancy is the fact that the tests would have to be carried out on pregnant women and this is not something that women are likely to consent to. As for breastfeeding, the advice is the same as it is for pregnancy, you should not have Botox whilst breastfeeding because of the theoretical risk to the baby.
Another point worth mentioning is that you are less likely to need Botox injections whilst pregnant as the body tends to retain water. This results in the face being slightly puffed out which tends to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

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