Advantages of Refractive Lens Exchange

Refractive lens exchange is a procedure that is often considered when a person’s prescription falls beyond the treatable range of either Lasik or Lasek surgery.

The advantages of refractive lens exchange are as follows:

  • High Prescriptions: One of the main advantages of refractive lens exchange is that the procedure can treat extremely high prescriptions that are beyond the range of laser eye surgery.
  • Fast Visual Recovery: You can expect a speedy recovery following refractive lens exchange surgery.
  • Excellent Visual results: The visual results are generally excellent, especially considering that very high prescriptions can be treated.
  • No cataract as you get older: An advantage of refractive lens exchange is that it eliminates the chance of getting cataract later in life. A cataract is a clouding of the lens within your eye which happens naturally over time. The average age that a cataract starts to develop is about 65 years old. During refractive lens exchange the fact that your own natural lens is replaced by an artificial implant means you could never get a cataract in the future. This however is not the same for Lasik or Lasek as you could have your eyes lasered in your 30’s and then need cataract surgery as you get older.
  • Cornea left intact: During refractive lens exchange your cornea is left completely intact which means the structural integrity and strength of your eye is not compromised. This is one of the main advantages of refractive lens exchange over Lasik eye surgery.
  • Surgery has been performed millions of times: The surgery is almost exactly the same as cataract surgery and consequently it has been carried out on millions of occasions over many years. This means the procedure has been perfected and all the risks are well understood.
  • Better for dry eyes: If you have dry eye problems prior to surgery it will not make things any worse. This is an advantage over Lasik as during Lasik dry eyes can often be made worse.
  • Suitable for thin corneas: Refractive lens exchange is an alternative for people with thin corneas which has meant that they are unsuitable for laser eye surgery. Read more on laser eye surgery suitability

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