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Scared about Lasek

Hi I had lasik about three years ago and my eyes regressed (I was -4.50 in both eyes after surgery I was 20/20 then they regressed and are now -1.75). I am due to have lasek in a months time and have done a lot of research on the internet and to be honest I feel sick with fear! I am worried about the pain - I have been advised to keep my eyes shut for two days. Also, after reading about people suffering from overcorrection and haze and halos I'm worried that I will be creating a problem that isn't there now and thinking maybe I should just invest in a new pair of glasses. Saying that, this treatment is free of charge and it would be nice to get the result I was aiming for the first time round. I'm mainly seeking some sort of reassurance. Also the surgeon who performed the procedure first time around isn't available to do the enhancement - is this a problem ? thanks Rachel

By rachel cowgill on 20th Feb 2014


Hi Rachel

Laser re-treatment is fairly common with about 5% of people needing top up surgery. Lasek is undoubtedly more painful than Lasik but the extent really does vary from one person to another. Some people find it not that much worse than Lasik whereas others find it quite intense.

As for the risk of glare / haloes these risks are always there with laser eye surgery but if your surgeon has deemed you safe to have surgery then I think you have to trust their judgement as they are the ones who have examined your eyes.

As for it being a different surgeon this is a fairly common occurence so I wouldn't overly worry about that.

In my opinion you should ask to talk to the surgeon again prior to surgery so you can have some of your questions answered. Tell the surgeon what you are worried about and I am sure they will put your mind at rest.

By Tim Harwood from

On 20th Feb 2014


Thanks Tim. I found Lasik pretty uncomfortable so I'm expecting the worst to be honest. I just hope it will be worth it!

By rachel cowgill

On 20th Feb 2014

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