Health 2.0 Paris Conference Review

Health 2.0 Paris conferenceAs a doctor that is passionate about technology and health care, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the Health 2.0 Conference in Paris a couple of weeks ago and I was really glad I went.  The conference was an excellent way to find out what was going on today in the world of Health and the Internet and to see the different approaches to solving health problems in the US and Europe.
I really liked how well the conference was organised in terms of the demos and speakers – split into different areas like Patients and online communities, Physicians and online communities, Health 2.0 tools, Hospitals and Payers and of course not forgetting Pharma.  This helped bring some structure to the wide scope that the term ‘Health 2.0’ encompasses.
In my opinion some of the American companies where a lot more advanced than their European counterparts and this highlighted some of the difficulties of running a health business in Europe – language and local government issues for example make the market much more segmented than in the US.
I also met a lot of very cool people and got a lot of new ideas for things to improve  It was good to meet some fellow ‘doctorpreneurs’  like Emma Stanton (that’s her quote!) and Bercie Mesko to prove that us doctors can do other things too outside of our degrees! Also a shout out to Pauline Sweetman for her amazing french ordering skills in the restaurant on the last night! I will definitely be attending the next one but can you bring it to London next time please???

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