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Viva Skin Clinics

Old Street Change branch

Dental Art Studio, 104 - 122 City Road, London, EC1V 2NR

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About Viva Skin Clinics

We aspire to be the UK's leading provider of non-surgical cosmetic skin treatments by providing a reliable and trustworthy service tailored to the need of our clients.

Our highly qualified team of medical doctors use the most trialed and tested products on the market and believe in more subtle cosmetic enhancements to provide a natural look. 

We offer a range of cosmetic treatments including botox, dermal fillers, lip enhancement, dermaroller, chemical peels and teeth whitening. 

Please see our listing for any further information or book a free consultation now with and recieve a 10% discount off your first treatment. 


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Viva Skin Clinics Reviews

Brilliant Experience

Dr. Critchley was brilliant. My procedure was very easy, painless and I knew I was in good hands! What's better there was no pain or bruising post procedure. I would definitely recommend Dr. Critchley.

Lip Augmentation by on

Great, natural-looking Botox

I was very pleased with the results of my Botox procedure with Dr Rupert. He explained the procedure well and we discussed the different options and the results I wanted to achieve. I am really happy with the results and would not hesitate to recommend him.

Botox by on

Dr Rupert and his Botox changed my life!

If anyone else has suffered from excessive sweating, especially from the armpits you will understand exactly how this has transformed my life.

From keeping your arms close to your side, to being selective with what colours and fabrics your clothes are made from, these considerations have been made a thing of the past, all thanks to Botox.

Before getting Botox, I tried everything. Only wearing loose cotton tops/shirts/vests, aluminium antiperspirants that made my underarms raw, herbal remedies such as lemon, I even tried not wearing deodorants/antiperspirants at all. Nothing seemed to work. Botox was my last resort, but I regret not trying this earlier. I wasn't going to have another summer where my unruly underarms dictate my wardrobe!

I met up with Dr. Rupert from Viva Skin Clinics at one of his practices off Old Street. The price for Botox to combat excess sweating of the armpits was £450. We had the initial consultation, he then cleansed the area and applied numbing cream onto my underarms which I had to wait for 15 minutes for it to kick in, then it was injection time!

I could slightly feel the injections; but the discomfort was definitely manageable. After 15 minutes of him injecting my underarms, it was time for him to finish off by removing the excess cream. I was free to go! Dr. Rupert was friendly, knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable.

I was asked to come back in two weeks for a follow up session to see how my excess sweating was getting on. On my return, I informed him, my left arm still seemed to be getting wet. He had no problem adding some more Botox into my left underarm (at no extra cost) and after two weeks my underarms are now, completely dry, even when I have done an intense session at the gym… Yay!

It is a shame that Botox isn't more permanent. Botox is meant to last six months, so hopefully it lasts for then.

I can now wear any fabric or colour top, I have the freedom to wave and raise my arms, I am not uncomfortable anymore from having wet underarms permanently, and I don’t ruin my tops/jackets anymore!

Winning! Definitely worth it!

Ruby Mae Moore

botox to combat excessive sweating in underarms by on

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Viva Skin Clinics Staff

Dr. Rebecca Exley

Rebecca Exley MBChB, MRCS, DOHNS, PGDip, qualified as a doctor from the University of Manchester in 2008. Post qualification she obtained membership of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, with a diploma in head and neck surgery and a postgraduate diploma in medical education. Rebecca has successfully completed core surgical training in Ears, Nose Throat, Plastic and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, providing a comprehensive foundation to further pursue a career in head and neck surgery. She has a wealth of surgical experience, having independently performed or assisted in over one thousand surgical procedures. Rebecca is currently undertaking further qualification at King's College, London.

Dr Exley always strives for perfection and believes in rigorous and thorough practice to achieve client satisfaction. Her approachability and consummate professionalism ensure a positive client experience.


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Dr. Rupert Critchley

Dr Rupert BM MRCGP, aesthetics specialist at VIVA skin clinics London qualified as a medical doctor in 2009. He has completed courses in advanced non-surgical aesthetics and is a fully qualified GP.

Since beginning his career in non-surgical cosmetics whist at Kings College London over 5 years ago, he has developed a thriving aesthetics practice. Over the past few years, his focus has become set on the professional artistry of dermal fillers developing his own particular techniques and consultation methodology. Keen to learn from the best, Rupert has been fortunate to attend an array of further training courses to enhance skills and ensure continued professional development.

Rupert specialises in advanced aesthetic procedures such as non-surgical face lifts and rhinoplasty with his own artistic edge. He has an in-depth anatomical understanding alongside most importantly, the experience needed to carry out these procedures with excellent results. He shows meticulous attention to detail, where only perfection is good enough, and always has the best interests of his patients in mind. As a result, Rupert is highly regarded in his field and currently offers training in fine facial aesthetics internationally.


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Viva Skin Clinics Map


Dental Art Studio, 104 - 122 City Road, London, EC1V 2NR

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