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London Harley Street Change branch

15 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QQ

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About Ultralase

With experience spanning more than 20 years and in excess of 250,000 procedures performed, Ultralase has the necessary experience to give you peace of mind should you decide to undertake something as important as laser eye surgery.

Although we are a high street chain we distinguish ourselves from our competitors by offering outstanding patient care. Right from our comprehensive 2 hour consultation you will notice that we like to take that little bit extra time to ensure we answer all your questions and deliver a bespoke level of care.

At Ultralase we take your safety extremely seriously and for this reason all of our laser eye surgery procedures are bladeless. This all-laser approach means that as well as improved safety, the results we produce are amongst the best in the UK.

We believe that the key to our success is our investment in people. For this reason all our medical staff have the necessary skills and personality to give you the upmost confidence in your treatment.

If you are considering having laser eye surgery the best thing to do is book in for a free consultation so we can assess your suitability and discuss with you the likely success of your procedure. We promise we will never try and over sell or be pushy as we believe that such a big decision should never be rushed.


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Ultralase Reviews

Best thing ever

I was 23 years old with astigmatism in both eyes over -7.00. Never been able to see in my whole life and never thought I ever would without glasses or contact lenses. Ultralase were positive they could help, consultation was excellent, surgery on the day was quick and simple, though I had been offered cheaper surgery elsewhere, Ultralase was worth every penny. 2 years on and my own optician is surprised and impressed with my eyesight, so am I.

lasik wavefront by on

Fantastic results, great service

Ultralase treated me with the utmost care and professionalism right from the initial consultation. I knew within minutes of meeting the optician that I would have my laser eye surgery at Ultralase.

I choose to have the bladeless lasik as it was safest and had the quickest recovery period and the results have been great.

I could see perfectly almost instantly after the surgery and only 24 hours later I was driving without my glasses!

All my after care appointments were excellent and I have been happy with the service throughout the whole process. A definite thumbs up to Ultralase! Thanks!

Blade free lasik by on

First class treatment

I have nothing but good things to say about the Ultralase team in Birmingham and I was impressed with their level of professionalism throughout the whole process.

I was very nervous about having my eyes lasered but I was made to feel relaxed right from the start. I opted to have their Elite treatment which was the top of the range and the results certainly justify the high price I paid. Cant really fault them really other than it being a bit cheaper but then again that is always the case!

Wavefront Lasik by on

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Ultralase Photos

  • 1 of 8 - We offer all our patients a warm welcome .

  • 2 of 8 - Your preliminary scans as part of your consultation .

  • 3 of 8 - Interpreting your scans .

  • 4 of 8 - Assessing your vision during a consultation .

  • 5 of 8 - Assessing the health of your eyes to ensure you are suitable for surgery .

  • 6 of 8 - Final checks before your laser eye surgery .

  • 7 of 8 - Any final questions or concerns? .

  • 8 of 8 - The big day! Say good bye to your glasses! .

Ultralase Staff

Mr. Balasubramaniam Ilango

Mr Balasubramaniam Ilango is a fully accredited laser eye surgeon and NHS consultant with over 15 years of medical experience. His excellence in laser eye surgery has led to him attaining the "Certification in Refractive Surgery" qualification from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. Such certification is extremely difficult to obtain, with only 54 surgeons in the UK and Ireland currently in ownership.

Over the past 10 years Mr Balasubramaniam Ilango has performed in excess of 10,000 laser eye surgeries and over 10,000 cataract operations making him an extremely experienced surgeon.

Mr Balasubramaniam Ilango is currently an NHS consultant eye surgeon at the Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust. His distinguished medical career has also seen him hold the post of Director of the Primary Eye Care Unit at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and also as a Fellow at world acclaimed Moorfields Eye Hospital.

He is also well known in the academic world having written and presented more than 40 scientific papers in the field of ophthalmology.


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Mr. David Jory

Mr David Jory is a specialist eye surgeon who has gained years of experience in some of the most prestigious institutions in the UK including the Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.

Mr David Jory has been a qualified doctor for over 17 years and ensures others benefit from his years of experience in the field of laser eye surgery by presenting academic papers all over the world.

To date Mr Jory has performed more than 7,000 refractive surgery and is regarded as a specialist in a treatment that offers an alternative to reading glasses, known as Ultra-CK. Considering the majority of the population aged over 40 need reading glasses, his experience in this discipline is a valuable asset to the company.


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Mr. Faisal Iqbal

Mr Faisal Iqbal is regarded as an extremely experienced and accredited laser eye surgeon. He is one of only 54 surgeons in the UK and Ireland who have attained the Royal College of ophthalmologists "Certification in Refractive Surgery" qualification in laser eye surgery. He was also awarded a Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and is also a Fellow of the European Board of Ophthalmology.

Mr Iqbal has been a qualified doctor for 23 years and has immense experience in the laser eye surgery field, performing more than 11,500 laser eye surgery treatments in the last 5 years. He has held senior posts within the University College Hospital in Cork, Galway hospital and East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust.

Mr Faisal Iqbal’s academic work has been published in the respected Irish Journal of Medical Sciences and he has presented it at the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland and the British Society for Refractive Surgery. Such publications ensure other surgeons gain the benefit of his immense experience and skill.


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Mr. Sat Jalpota

Mr Sat Jalpota in an experienced laser eye surgeon with over 9 years' experience. To date he has carried out over 5,000 laser eye surgery procedures including both Lasik and Lasik treatments. His skills as a refractive surgeon have been rewarded with him attaining the prestigious "Certification in Refractive Surgery" qualification from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. As well as this, he holds the Specialist Certification in laser eye surgery from the University of Ulster.

Along with Ultralase, Mr Sat Jalpota works as an Associate Specialist in Ophthalmology at the well regarded Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle upon Tyne. Mr Jalpota also furthered his ophthalmological experience when he spent time training at the world renowned Moorfields eye hospital.


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15 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QQ

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