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Thread Veins/Spider Veins

Thread veinsThread veins are extremely common affecting around 50% of people aged over 50 years old. What we often don’t realise is that they are also very common in young people. Around 20% of the population around the age of 20 also suffer from them to some degree and they can cause embarrassment and low self-esteem for some people.

Thread veins which have the medical name telangiectasia are also often referred to as spider veins. Thread veins are not the same as varicose veins and should not be confused with them. Having thread veins does not mean you are more likely to get varicose veins although it is possible to have both.

Thread veins are basically small dilated blood vessels which are close to the surface of the skin and hence are visible. They can be either red or blue and are normally painless, unlike varicose Veins which can cause discomfort. They are prevalent in both men and women and can be found all over the body including the face, legs and nose.

Thread veins have many causes and the most common ones are as follows:
  • Genetic/hereditary: They often run in families.
  • Pregnancy: This is related to changing hormones.
  • Weather exposure: Exposure to cold and windy weather can cause thread veins.
  • Prolonged standing: Thread veins are more likely to occur If you are in a job where you are constantly on your feet.

For those who are unhappy with their appearance then thread vein removal is something you will have to consider. The 3 most common methods are sclerotherapy, laser thread vein removal and IPL thread vein removal.

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