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Tattoo removal cream

Tattoo removal cream There are various tattoo creams on the market, some of which can be used for private use and others will have to be prescribed to you by specialist clinics.

The creams work in 2 different ways and they are as follows:

  • Break up the tattoo pigments (colours) into minute particles so they can be naturally absorbed by the body. An example of this is wrecking balm cream.
  • Cause an inflammatory reaction in your skin which results in the tattoo ink being forced out of the skin by your own body. An example of this is Rejuvi cream

Wrecking Balm Cream:

This works by causing a gradual lightening of the tattoo over multiple treatments

Rejuvi tattoo removal cream:

Rejuvi cream is not a cream that you can buy for private use as it needs to be applied by a trained practitioner. The rejuvi cream is injected into the skin and into the tattoo. The body then reacts to the rejuvi cream and naturally forces the tattoo to the surface of the skin. After about 2 weeks or so a scab forms and as it falls off it takes the tattoo ink with it. This procedure normally needs repeating 3 - 4 times to achieve the desired results.

Advantages of Rejuvi over other tattoo removal techniques:

Disadvantages of Rejuvi over other tattoo removal techniques:

  • Results are often not as good and the treatment can take up to 1 year.
  • The scab must be kept clean to avoid infection.

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