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Sculptra Sculptra is a recent development in non-surgical treatments and can be used to reduce frown lines/wrinkles and add volume to sagging skin. Our skin becomes naturally more saggy and wrinkled as we get older and Sculptra offers an impressive non-surgical solution.

Sculptra is a synthetic (manmade) cosmetic material that is easily injected into problem areas to restore volume and smooth out lines and wrinkles. It stimulates the body’s own collagen to reduce wrinkles and frown lines, whilst also restoring facial volume.

Sculptra is considered a non surgical face lift and offers a more natural change in appearance which improves over time. The cosmetic benefits of Sculptra can last for up to 2 years which is longer than other treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox.

Sculptra treats a whole range of issues and the most common are as follows:

  • Wrinkles and folds in the skin.
  • Loss of volume.
  • Scars.
  • Improving contours.

How Much Does Sculptra Cost?

Sculptra prices do vary between different clinics but you can expect prices to start from around £500 per treatment. It is generally recommended to have 2 - 3 treatments to achieve the best results so you will need to factor this in to the price.

There are various factors that affect the price of Sculptra and they are as follows:

  • Extent of the treatment required: Depending on what exactly you need treating, you may require even more than 3 treatments of Sculptra to achieve the desired results. If large areas of volume need to be replaced this is likely to increase the price further as more of the filler will be required.
  • The experience of the practitioner: A highly skilled practitioner with a lot of experience is likely to have a better reputation and consequently charge more for the treatment.
  • Medical training: Medically trained practitioners will generally charge more than those who are not. You do not have to be medically trained to inject sculptra.
  • Location: Clinics in more affluent areas are likely to charge a higher price.

In summary, the cost of sculptra is not cheap but the results are longer lasting than other treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers. There is variation between different clinics and it is worth comparing the prices although you need to ensure you are comparing like with like. You cannot expect to pay the same price to be treated by a doctor when compared with a non-medically trained practitioner. 

You can compare the costs with Botox and dermal fillers by reading the following detailed guides:

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How Many Sculptra Treatments Will I Need?

Most people need around 2 -3 repeat treatments to achieve the desired results.

How Long Will The Effects of Sculptra Last?

This will vary from one individual to another but for most people the results last up to 2 years. It normally takes around 6 weeks from the initial treatment to first notice an improvement in your appearance.

Sculptra Side Effects:

Sculptra is an extremely safe procedure but there are still potential side effects which you need to be aware of. The following are the most common Sculptra side effects:

  • Redness, pain and swelling at the point where the injection was made.
  • Small bumps under the skin: These can occur but are normally not visible although you may be able to feel them under your skin.
  • Infection: There is always the risk of infection but this is rare.

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