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RestylaneThere are many different types of dermal fillers and Restylane is just one example of them. It is made in Sweden by a company called Q-Med AB and is one of the most commonly used fillers on the market.

There are many factors that ensure our skin is healthy and one of these is having sufficient levels of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid plays a vital role in keeping the skin hydrated and therefore healthy. As our skin ages the Hyaluronic acid levels start to reduce and our skin starts to lose its tone and firmness, leading to sagging and wrinkles.

Restylane injections works by increasing the amount of hyaluronic acid in your skin whilst also stimulating an increase in the production of collagen. Collagen is vitally important in ensuring your skin is healthy, firm and youthful looking.

How Much Does Restylane Cost?

The price of Restylane varies widely between different clinics and therefore it is difficult to give an accurate price. The general price range is however between £200 and £400 per treatment. You also need to realise that in order to maintain the same results, repeat injections will be required.

The way in which clinics charge for Restylane may vary as some may charge on a 'per area' basis whilst others will charge on a 'per unit' basis. Restylane generally comes in certain size syringes and the cost will be reflected in the size of the syringe that you require. The following are factors that affect the price of Restylane:

  • The number of areas that need treating: Obviously the more areas of your face that need treating the more money you can expect to pay.
  • The extent of the treatment: Deeper lines will require more Restylane filler to give the desired results and consequently this will be reflected in the price. Replacing loss of volume requires the most amounts of filler and therefore these types of treatment will be the most expensive.
  • Who is performing the treatment: You do not have to be a qualified doctor to inject Restylane and non-medically trained practitioners are likely to charge less. Doctors have a greater knowledge of facial muscle anatomy meaning they are better equipped to deal with any potential problems should they arise.
  • The location: The cost of Restylane is likely to be higher in larger cities compared with smaller towns.
  • The reputation of the practitioner: A practitioner with a good reputation is likely to be able to demand a higher price than one that does not.

What Are The Different Types of Restylane?

Restylane has many cosmetic benefits and depending on your exact requirements different types of Restylane will be used:

Standard Restylane:

This is especially useful for improving the appearance of frown lines and soft wrinkles around the nose, mouth and forehead. The lines are smoothed out to give a natural, younger looking appearance.

Restylane subQ:

Restylane subQ specialises in improving both chin and cheek definition by replacing lost volume that can happen with age.

Restylane Perlane:

Restylane Perlane can improve the appearance of deep frown lines and facial lines and can enhance your facial features such as cheek bones.

Restylane Vital:

Restylane is used to treat sun damaged skin by providing the skin with maximum hydration.

Restylane Lipp:

Restylane Lipp helps to improve both the definition and fullness of your lips.

Restylane Touch:

Restylane Vital specialises in reducing acne scars and any indentations in the skin.

Are There Any Side Effects of Restylane?

Side effects are rare and you can read about them using the following link: A guide to dermal fillers side effects.

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