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microdermabrasionMicrodermabrasion is non-surgical skin treatment which aims to improve the appearance of the skin. It is effectively a mechanical exfoliation of the skin and does not involve the use of either chemicals or lasers.

Microdermabrasion works by removing dead and damaged skin cells which build up over time. These old cells can leave the skin looking old and ‘tired looking’ meaning your appearance is not as good as it could be. Once these old dead cells have been removed, the skin then starts to produce new healthy ones.

Microdermabrasion also cleanses the skin pores and stimulates collagen production, which leads to healthier and smoother looking skin.  

Microdermabrasion can treat many skin conditions and the following lists the most common ones:
  • Fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Acne and acne scars.
  • Flaky dry skin.
  • Hyper pigmentation of the skin.
  • Stretch Marks.
  • Sun damaged skin.

How Does Microdermabrasion Work?

Microdermabrasion works by passing a controlled, high speed flow of crystals over the skin. This removes dead and damaged skin cells revealing new healthy cells below, which are smoother and firmer. The procedure also stimulates the skin to produce new collagen which also has an anti-ageing effect. The treatment is painless and there is no recovery period required so you can return back to work/normal activities immediately afterwards. The treatment normally takes around half an hour and some people find it quite relaxing.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

Most people will see a slight improvement in the appearance of the skin after the first session but it is normally recommended to have at least 4 treatment sessions to achieve the best results. These treatments can be carried out at 2 week intervals.

How Much Does Microdermabrasion Cost?

Microdermabrasion typically costs around £60 per treatment and it is normally recommended to have at least 4 sessions to achieve the desired results. Depending on the condition of your skin and what exactly it is that needs treating, you may require up to 6 repeat sessions. When calculating the cost of microdermabrasion you need to take this into account. For this reason you can only ever really get an accurate cost of the treatment once you have been assessed by the practitioner.

You also need to understand that the effects of microdermabrasion typically only last around one year, after which time you will need to have the procedure repeated.

There are some factors that affect the cost of microdermabrasion and they are as follows:

  • Location of clinic: Generally speaking clinics in big cities will charge the highest price. This is generally the same for all beauty treatments.
  • Reputation of the clinic/practitioner: Clinics with a good reputation are likely to charge a higher price than those that do not. You are also likely to pay a higher price if your practitioner is more qualified as they are more likely to give you the results that you desire.
  • How many repeat treatments you require: It is normally recommended that you have at least 4 treatment sessions to achieve the best results. If your skin is particularly bad you may need to have more than this. Following your initial consultation your practitioner will recommend how many treatment sessions you need based on the condition of your skin.
  • How many areas need treating: If you need microdermabrasion on more than one area you will obviously have to pay more money.

In summary microdermabrasion is a fairly affordable treatment and the results are generally quite good. If you have more pronounced skin problems such as frown lines and scarring you will have to consider more expensive treatments such as dermal fillers.

Microdermabrasion Side Effects

Although rare, the following are side effects of microdermabrasion that you could encounter:

  • A feeling of tightness of the skin after the treatment: This is normal and wears off quickly.
  • Redness of the skin: If this occurs it normally subsides within 24 hours. This is caused by the mechanical exfoliation of the skin.
  • Pigment changes: This is rare and normally disappears within 2 – 3 weeks.
  • Skin sensitivity: Some people will have a slight sensitivity of their face for a few hours after the treatment but this is unlikely to cause a problem.
  • Increased surface blood vessels: This generally only occurs if you have very thin skin and is unlikely to be long lasting.

As you can see even if you are unlucky enough to experience any side effects they are only likely to be minor. For the vast majority of people there are no negative effects at all following the procedure.

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