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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo removalLaser tattoo removal is currently the most common method used and uses a laser to produce the desired results. Pulses of high energy laser are used to break the tattoo ink up into tiny particles which can then be naturally reabsorbed by the body and removed by the immune system.

Laser tattoo removal can be used on any type of tattoo but it will require more treatment time for larger, multi-coloured tattoos

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Laser tattoo removal is often described as painful, although this varies from person to person and is dependent on exactly where on the body the tattoo is located. Large, brightly coloured tattoos are the most painful to remove as they require a more intense treatment. Most practitioners will use a local anaesthetic (normally a cream) or some kind of cooling gel to keep the discomfort to a minimum.


How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This will vary depending on the size, type and colour of the tattoo. Large, multi-coloured professional tattoos (applied to the deeper layers of the skin) will require at least 5 treatments and this could be as many as 15 depending on the individual circumstances. After each treatment, the area will have to be allowed to heal fully before the next session can begin. It is for this reason that large tattoos can take over one year to fully remove.


Laser Tattoo Removal Side Effects:

Laser tattoo removal is an extremely safe and effective procedure but there are some side effects which are possible. If you are unlucky enough to experience any side effects they are generally minor and short lasting. The most common ones are as follows:

  • Redness, blisters, scabs: These are considered normal following the procedure and they normally heal within one week.
  • Scars: To minimise the risk of scars developing it is important that you do not pick any of the blisters or scabs.
  • Hyper pigmentation: The laser can alter the appearance of your skin resulting in dark patches. These normally fade over time.
  • Hypo pigmentation: The laser treatment can cause pale patches in your skin which usually disappear after a few months.
  • Infection: Providing your practitioner follows all the standard guidelines and you keep the treated area clean etc. then this is an unlikely side effect.

How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost?

The cost of laser tattoo removal will vary widely between clinics and it is also very much dependent on the size and colour of the tattoo in question.

The following explains the main factors that influence the cost of laser tattoo removal cost:
  • Size of tattoo: Larger tattoos will obviously require more treatment time and therefore the cost will be higher.
  • Quality of tattoo: Professionally applied tattoos will cost more to remove as they are applied to the deeper inner layers of the skin. Cheaper tattoos tend to be applied to the outer layer of skin only and are therefore easier to remove.
  • Colour of tattoo: A multi-coloured tattoo will require more time to remove than a single colour black tattoo and hence the price will be higher. In general coloured tattoos require more treatment time than black and white tattoos.
  • Clinics: Some clinics will charge more if they have a good reputation.
  • Location: Clinics in larger cities and more affluent areas are likely to charge a higher price.

In summary, small, single coloured tattoos are likely to be the cheapest to be remove but the only way to get an accurate price is to have a consultation at the clinic.

Typical Laser Tattoo Removal Costs:

  • For a small non-professional (outer layer of skin) tattoo which is all the same colour expect to pay up to £400.
  • For a small professional tattoo which is all the same colour expect to pay up to £600.
  • Large, multi coloured professional tattoos can cost up to £3000 to remove.

As explained above the only way to get an accurate price for the removal of your tattoo is to go for a consultation so they can assess how many hours of treatment you are likely to need. The good news is that most tattoos can pretty much be completely removed but this will be confirmed by your practitioner during a consultation.

Alternative Treatments:

  • IPL tattoo removal: Read our helpful guide for more information.
  • Tattoo removal creams: Read our helpful guide for more information.

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