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Laser Hair Removal Results

laser hair removal resultsIf you are considering having laser hair removal then you probably want to know how effective the treatment is likely to be. The first thing to say is that laser hair removal is not permanent and the best results can only be achieved with multiple treatments. For more information on how laser hair removal works you can click here.

Laser hair removal results do vary from one individual to another and the following are factors that affect the success of the treatment:
  • Skin type: Laser hair removal results are best for Caucasian skin types. Generally speaking the lighter the skin the better the results. Darker skinned people are unlikely to get as good results.
  • Amount of hair: The more hair you have the more treatments will be required to get the best results.
  • Hair colour: Results are best on people with darker hair colour. Laser hair removal does not work as well for blonde or grey hair.
  • Hair texture: Thicker hair generally responds the best to laser hair removal.

In summary, the people likely to get the best laser hair removal results are those with light skin, thick and dark hair. The people likely to get poor results are dark skinned people with thin, light coloured hair. These people are likely to find the cost of laser hair removal higher as they will require more treatments to achieve the desired results.

How Many Treatments Do I Need To Get The Best Results?

In order to understand this it is best to first explain the fact that there are different phases of hair growth. Put simply there is an active growing phase and a resting phase. In order for the laser hair removal to be at its most effective, the hair in question has to be treated when it is in the active/growing phase. In any given clump of hair there are thousands of individual hairs are they are all at different phases in their cycle. It is for this reason that laser hair removal needs to be repeated on at least 4 – 6 occasions to ensure all hair is targeted in its active phase. More treatments may be required for darker skinned individuals. 

How Good Are The Results of Laser Hair Removal?

Most people see about a 70 – 80% reduction of hair in the treated area but some people may find this reduces over a certain period of time. Usually the hair that does grow back however is not as thick, meaning it is often less noticeable.

In summary, laser hair removal is not permanent nor does it remove every possible visible hair. For most people however it does result in a dramatic reduction in hair giving a greatly improved appearance. Hair that does grow back tends to be finer and therefore less visible meaning the results are long lasting. Laser hair removal side effects are quite rare and the procedure is considered to be extremely safe.

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