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Laser Hair Removal Cost

laser hair removal costThe cost of laser hair removal is likely to be a big factor in deciding whether or not you have the treatment. Laser hair removal works by damaging the actual hair follicles which prevents the hair from growing back. Although it does not produce a 100% reduction in hair growth, the results are generally impressive. For more information on exactly how laser hair removal works you can read the following guide: Laser hair removal guide.

There are many factors that affect laser hair removal cost and they are as follows:
  • Area to be treated: Generally speaking the larger the area to be treated the higher the cost. For example, having laser hair removal on an entire leg is going to cost a lot more than for upper lip hair removal. In addition to this thicker hair and more dense hair will require more treatment time and consequently cost more money.
  • The type of laser to be used: This will be decided during your consultation and will be governed by various factors such as your skin and hair colour.
  • Location: Clinics in larger cities are likely to charge more than smaller towns.
  • Reputation of your practitioner: Clinics/clinicians with a good reputation are likely to be able to demand a higher price. In addition to this, a medically trained practitioner will charge more than one that is not.
  • The number of treatments required: Most clinics recommend at least 6 treatment sessions and some people may require more than this depending on your skin type and hair colour.

Typical Prices: For One Session Only.

  • Upper Lip: £50
  • Chin : £50
  • Upper eye brows: £40
  • Under Arms : £75
  • Bikini Line : £80
  • Full Beard : £100
  • Shoulders : £125
  • Buttocks : £125
  • Chest : £150
  • Abdomen : £150
  • Full Back : £200
  • Full Arms : £200
  • Full Legs : £260

Remember you need to multiply this by the amount of treatments required. For example the upper lid typically costs around £50 for one treatment. Most clinics recommend at least 6 sessions which would make the total price of your laser hair removal to be £300. Some clinics offer packages where you pay less for multiple sessions.

It is important when comparing the prices between different clinics that you compare like with like. For example it is unfair to compare the price of a clinic where the practitioner is medically trained with a clinic where they are not. The only real way to get an accurate cost of your treatment is to go for a consultation so they can assess the thickness and type of your hair.

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