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IPL Hair Removal Cost

IPL Hair removal costThe cost of IPL hair removal will vary widely from one clinic to the next but prices are generally quite similar to laser hair removal cost. The procedure works by targeting the area being treated with high intensity pulses of light.

The aim of the treatment is to damage both the hair and the follicle from which the hair grows out of. The treatment will never completely remove the hair in a given area but it is thought to offer a permanent reduction in hair of up to around 70%. For more information on the procedure you can click here.

The cost of Intense pulsed light hair removal is likely to be a big factor in deciding whether or not to have the treatment. There are many factors that affect the price and they are as follows:
  • Area of the body treated: The larger the area being treated the higher the price. You will pay more to have the treatment on your leg compared with your hand.
  • Location: Clinics in larger cities are likely to charge more than smaller towns. Expect to pay the highest price in London.
  • The equipment: A clinic using the latest technology in IPL hair removal is likely to charge more than a clinic using older equipment.
  • Reputation of your practitioner/clinic: If the clinic or the practitioner has a good reputation then they are likely to charge a higher price. In addition to this, a medically trained practitioner will charge more than one that is not.
  • The number of treatments required: The more treatments you need the higher the cost will be. People with certain skin and hair types may need more treatments than others. For more information on this read the following guide.

Typical IPL Hair Removal Prices: For One Session:

  • Chin : £50
  • Under Arms : £70
  • Bikini Line : £75
  • Full Beard : £95
  • Buttocks : £125
  • Chest : £145
  • Stomach : £145
  • Entire Back : £190
  • Entire Arms : £190
  • Entire Legs : £260

Remember this is only for one treatment and most people require a minimum of 6 sessions to get the desired results. Consequently you need to multiply all the prices above by 6 to get the total price. Most clinics offer packages for multiple treatments and multiple areas on the body.

It is important when comparing the prices between different clinics that you compare like with like. For example it is unfair to compare the price of a clinic where the practitioner is medically trained with a clinic where they are not. The only real way to get an accurate cost of your IPL treatment is to go for a consultation so they can assess your individual requirements.
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