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Electrolysis Cost

Electrolysis costIf you are considering having electrolysis it is important that you know the likely costs of the procedure. Electrolysis hair removal is generally considered an affordable option for treating small areas of the face or body. Larger areas however will require a lot of repeat treatments to achieve permanent hair loss and it is therefore likely to be very expensive.

The cost of electrolysis varies widely between clinics and the following details the most relevant factors:

  • The size of the area being treated: Obviously treating a larger area will take longer and consequently the cost will be higher.
  • Density and amount of hair: Thicker and denser hair will require a longer treatment programme thus increasing the price of electrolysis.
  • Skin types: Electrolysis is effective on all skin types but it may take longer to achieve the same effects on dark skinned people.
  • Reputation of clinic/clinician: You are likely to achieve better results if you choose a highly skilled practitioner. Such clinicians with a good reputation are likely to charge a premium.
  • Location: Larger cities such as London are likely to have the highest electrolysis costs.

Electrolysis is likely to cost a minimum of £40 per hour so it really does depend on the size of area being treated and how well you respond to treatment. You will initially require around 2 treatments per week but this will reduce over time.


Typical Costs For Electrolysis:

  • Electrolysis cost for upper lip, eye brows, chin and other small areas: These areas would normally require around 12 half hour sessions with prices ranging from around £350 - £600.
  • Electrolysis cost for armpits and arms: You are likely to need around 20 – 35 half hour sessions depending on the factors mentioned above such as hair thickness and density. Total price would range from around £400 -£1000.
  • Electrolysis cost for bikini line: The hair in this region is denser and thicker and consequently it requires more treatments than a similar sized area on a different part of the body. You will need anywhere between 25 – 40 half hour treatments with the price totalling £500 - £1100.
  • Cost of electrolysis for chest, legs and back: Larger areas like this will require extensive treatment and you will need in excess of 100 sessions. Prices are likely to cost in the region of £4500 and the treatment duration is likely to be around 2 years! For this reason larger areas are not always recommended as a treatment option for electrolysis and you may be better considering intense pulsed light or laser hair removal.

In summary, electrolysis is an excellent and cost effective treatment for removing small areas of unwanted hair.

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