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Dermal fillers are a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that aim to improve the appearance of the face by adding volume and smoothing out lines. Following the treatment you are likely to have a younger and more toned appearance. There are many different types of dermal fillers and your practitioner will assess which is the most appropriate for you based on your skin type and cosmetic requirements. For more information on dermal fillers click here.

As is the case with Botox, the cost of dermal fillers will vary depending on a number of factors.

How Much Do Dermal Fillers Cost?

There is a wide range in the price that clinics charge and the cheapest you can expect to pay is around £150 per treatment. Some clinics will however charge as much as £800 for dermal fillers for the exact same procedure. It is important when researching the cost of dermal fillers that you are comparing like with like as some clinics may use longer lasting fillers which are likely to be more expensive. In addition to this you need to check the way in which the clinic charges for the treatment as some clinics will charge on a 'per area basis' whereas others may charge on a 'per unit' basis.

How Many Units of Dermal Filler Are Required Per Treatment?

Some clinics will base the cost of the treatment on how many units of filler you are likely to need and therefore you will need to attend for a consultation before you can get an accurate price. The amount of dermal filler required will depend on the depth of the lines/wrinkles being treated or on the amount of lost volume that needs replacing. Replacing lost volume will generally require more filler material which will be reflected in a higher price.

Typical examples are as follows:

  • Lip: 1 ml of filler is normally required to treat the lips.
  • Lines between nose and mouth: 2ml will generally be required to treat this area.
  • Replacing loss of volume: This will generally require 3ml and upwards of filler.

Any Other Factors That Affect Dermal Filler Cost?

  • Area being treated: Some areas will be more difficult to treat and therefore will incur a higher price. Most clinics will have a set price for certain areas of the face or body. 
  • How bad the area being treated is: If the area being treated has particularly deep furrows/wrinkles then more filler will be required. This will consequently increase the cost of the treatment. Adding volume to an area such as the cheek bones is likely to require the most amount of filler.
  • Type of Dermal filler: New dermal filler materials are constantly being developed and you are likely to pay more for the latest product. Some dermal fillers last longer than others which will be reflected in a higher price.
  • Type of treatment: More complicated treatments such as facial sculpting and addition of volume are likely to be more expensive than treating single frown lines. More of the dermal filler material will be required to produce the desired results and there is a higher skill level required from the practitioner.
  • Who is carrying out the treatment: You should expect to pay more if you are being treated by a doctor. You do not have to be a qualified doctor to inject dermal fillers and people without medical degrees are likely to charge less. Doctors have a greater knowledge of facial muscle anatomy meaning they are better equipped to deal with any potential side effects should they arise.
  • Location: The cost of dermal fillers is likely to be higher in the larger cities such as London.

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