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Botox Lips

Botox lipsThere are many uses of Botox and one of them is to improve the appearance of the lips to give them a more ‘fuller’ look. It is important that the practitioner performing the procedure is highly skilled to ensure the Botox injections are administered in the right area. It is the muscles around the lips (rather than the actual lips) which are treated and Botox works by stopping these muscles from contracting.

By injecting the right dose of Botox into the target muscles around the lips, the shape and fullness of them can be improved. The injection of Botox around the lips will not have the same dramatic effects as dermal fillers which are normally used for lip pumping. For more information on Dermal fillers you can click here.

Botox injections reduces the lines and wrinkles which are close to the lip, which will have the effect of making the lips look fuller. The aim of this procedure is to give a natural pouting appearance of the lips.

Botox Lips Procedure

The procedure is similar to the normal Botox procedure and typically takes only around 10 minutes to carry out. Little or no pain is experienced and people can return to normal activities immediately after the procedure. The results normally last around 4 months but this varies from one person to the next.

Cost of Botox Lips

Botox prices are dependent on various factors but you should expect to pay around £200 per treatment.

Take care in choosing the right clinic and remember you often get what you pay for. Check the credentials of the practitioner performing your Botox injections so you know you are in safe hands.

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