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Agera Skin Peels

Agera skin peelLike Obagi Blue peel, Agera is a type of skin peel which can be used to treat ageing skin, sun damaged skin and unwanted pigmentation. It is also used as an acne treatment but only for shallow scars.

Agera skin peels can generally improve the appearance of your skin after just one treatment and the process is painless and simple. There is generally no recovery period required meaning you can immediately continue with your day to day activities. 

Agera skin peels work by removing dead skin cells whilst also encouraging the growth of new cells.

There are a few different types of peels which are used depending on what the aim of the treatment is:

  • Agera Rx acne peels: This peel helps to reduce scars and also unblock pores which helps to stop acne in the future.
  • Agera Rx anti-ageing peels: These peels work by increasing anti-oxidants, collagen and elastin within your skin. This can help to reduce shallow wrinkles and lines, leading to a younger, fresher and firmer look.
  • Agera Rx pigmentation control peel: This peels treats unwanted discolouration of the skin to give a more even coloured skin tone.

How Much Does Agera Peel Cost?

Cost for one treatment will be up to £100.

Agera Peel Side Effects:

Side effects are rare and generally only minor. You could however experience the following side effects:
  • Flaking, dryness and irritation of the skin.
  • More sensitive to the sun.

Alternative chemical peels

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