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Non-Surgical Cosmetic

The amount of people having non-surgical cosmetic treatments has rocketed in the last few years as the pressure to look younger and healthier is greater than ever before. In addition to this, people prefer to have non-surgical procedures where possible as busy lives make long recovery periods inconvenient. For some people cosmetic surgery may be the only option depending on the extent of the treatment you require.

In 2010 the number of non-surgical beauty treatments that were performed topped the one million mark for the first time and there seems to be no sign of this growth slowing down. Non-surgical beauty treatments now account for over 90% of all cosmetic treatments carried out.

The main advantage of non-surgical treatments is that they can be carried out quickly and have little or no downtime. Obviously some beauty treatments will require some recovery period but most people can return to work / normal activities the same day. Lunchtime non-surgical cosmetic treatments are particularly popular these days as people look to get the most out of their day without having to interrupt their busy schedules.

Previously, non-surgical procedures were seen as being significantly inferior to surgical treatments but with the advancements in products and laser technology this is less the case nowadays. Beauty treatments now tend to be longer lasting making them more affordable than ever before.

The most common non-surgical procedures currently being performed are as follows:

Botox: This is by far the most common beauty treatment for both men and women.

Dermal fillers: This covers the whole range of fillers including Restylane, Juvederm and Teosyal.

Laser hair removal: This offers a quick and long lasting hair removal solution.

Chemical peels: This encompasses a wide range of peels including Obagi blue peel and Agera.

Microdermabrasion: An effective deep exfoliation of the skin.