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Pupil size rejected for laser eye surgery

Dear Doctor I am writing you from Italy I was rejected for PRK cause my pupils size I have: R eye -9 miopya -1.75 astigm. L eye -8 miopya -2 astigm. Pupils size: 8,1 R 8,43 L Corneal thickness: 539mm(R) 541mm(L) No chances for me? My doctor said that if I do it I will have problems of halo during the night. I hope something is possible.Thank you.

By erbank on 3rd Nov 2013


Hi Erbank

Whilst you are likely to suffer from night vision problems I would definitely recommend seeking a second opinion with at least one other laser eye surgery provider.

Different doctors will use different lasers which can treat night vision problems more successfully.

Good luck

By Tim Harwood from

On 5th Nov 2013

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