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Contact lenses and laser eye surgery

I am looking into laser eye surgery and currently wear rigid gas permeable lenses (have used contact lenses for 30 years, current prescription is -7.5 in both eyes). I seem to get different advice from every surgery I approach. I have been told by optical express that I would need to stop wearing the lenses for 1 month before surgery, someone else has told me at least 3 months and one told me I would need to stop wearing my lenses for at least 1 month before an initial consultation. Why is there such a difference in the advice I am getting?

By Adrian Gilbert on 22nd Jan 2014


Hi Adrian

Thanks for your question. The reason you are getting different answers is because it is difficult to know for certain how long it will take for your cornea to revert back to its original shape for Gas Permeable lenses. They need this to happen so they can get an accurate reading of your prescription to ensure your laser eye surgery is successful.

Depending on which clinic you are interested in having a consultation with, I would just go along with their guidelines. On the day of your consultation they will be able to tell if the readings are accurate or not and there is a chance they may ask you to keep them out for a further amount of time before inviting you back for another consultation.

Prior to your surgery should you choose to go ahead they are likely to ask you to keep your lenses out for a further period of time.

Hope this helps

By Tim Harwood from

On 24th Jan 2014

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