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Lasik Surgery And Cataracts

I had Lasik surgery 2 years ago and now have worse vision than pre-surgery and cataracts ...

By Denise Aston on 23rd Jan 2013

Cataract Surgery

I am a British Citizen living in Ireland. Will I qualify for Finance Options to pay for ...

By James Smith on 19th Jan 2013

Am I suitable for laser eye surgery?

I have +4.50. -0.75 15 (Right Eye) +4.00. -0.50 155 (Left Eye) prescription. I am considering ...

By Sophia Smith on 17th Dec 2012

Is laser eye surgery suitable for me?

i have +1.5 prescription in both eyes with slight astigmatism , i am 49 and have always ...

By michael on 8th Dec 2012

Laser rather than lens replacement?

I have approx -4.50 and astigmatism, mild. I was thinking about lens replacement. I am ...

By Mary Churlow on 6th Dec 2012

My eyesight is L 6/12 R 6/9 how can I get 6/6?

Should I have laser eye surgery?

By Zahir khan on 6th Dec 2012

Irritated right eye, constantly aware of it

I had custom wavefront Intralase Lasik on the 22/11 to treat astigmatism of 2.75 left ...

By joanne murphy on 3rd Dec 2012

Can laser eye surgery correct vision problems related to retinal damag...

I am 32 years old and have been suffering from retinal problems for the past 25 years. ...

By Jay Prakash Prajapati on 27th Nov 2012

-13.50 / -11.25 prescription for laser eye surgery

My optician tells me laser surgery will be of no use to me as I am 50 years old. Can ...

By jan Jan on 25th Nov 2012

Kamra versus LAL?

Would Kamra correct near, intermediate and far sight? If Lasik is performed before the ...

By parviz karim on 21st Nov 2012

High prescription and Laser eye surgery

My 16 year old son has +8 vision and I was wondering if he would be a candidate for laser ...

By sarah on 21st Nov 2012

How safe is it to have RLE twice within a year

I had RLE ( multifunctional lenses) in April of this year but unfortunately I suffer ...

By Phillip Stupple on 19th Nov 2012

What is the BEST laser eye surgery equipment currently available?

Hi there. My prescription has been -1.25 in both eyes for the past 15 years old (29 now) ...

By Dsa eder on 19th Nov 2012

Laser surgery to correct astigmatism only?

I have quite high short-sightedness (around -10.0 Dioptres) which means laser surgery ...

By Red1809 on 13th Nov 2012

Pupil size and lasik

I am having laser eye surgery next week at optical express. My pupil dilated size is ...

By joanne murphy on 11th Nov 2012

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