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Am I a candidate for Intralase??

I've had a consultation recently with a renowned surgeon to enquire about my options ...

By Alexandra on 17th Aug 2013

Over correction following Lasek?

Hi there, I had wavefront LASEK four weeks ago, beforehand my prescription was -4.25 ...

By louise drumm on 24th May 2013

Turned down for laser eye surgery consultation?

The consultant at ultralase said they couldn't improve my vision with LASIK. My prescription ...

By joanne carter on 3rd May 2013

Is there laser eye surgery for reading vision?

I had laser eye surgery for short sightedness 5 years ago which was very successful in ...

By Polly on 26th Apr 2013

Worried about Wavefront LASEK?

Hi there I'm currently scheduled to have wavefront LASEK surgery in two days time and ...

By louise drumm on 23rd Apr 2013

Difference in laser eye surgery equipment?

In comparing two companies (in my case Accuvision and Optical Express) they seem much ...

By dbrb2 on 22nd Apr 2013

Post Lasik I have 6/9 vision. Why?

Dear Doctor, I underwent Lasik surgery in 2000 January and post surgery I had 6/6 vision ...

By Aparna on 6th Apr 2013

Optimax refused but Optical Express said I am suitable?

Optical express say I am suitable for surgery but Optimax say I am not. My prescription ...

By luckymel on 19th Mar 2013

To what degree does the Lasik flap heal?

I am wondering about the long term Lasik flap stability?

By Hajar on 18th Mar 2013

Laser eye surgery and Fuchs Endothelial Dystrophy?

I have Fuchs Endothelial Dystrophy and was wondering if it was possible to still have ...

By Ashka on 11th Mar 2013

Seeking Advice on LAL surgery?

I am 58 years old and currently using glasses for reading which I am not very keen on. ...

By A . J on 25th Feb 2013

Mel 80 or Z Lasik?

I'm doing some last minute research as am booked in for a standard lasik procedure with ...

By Donnie on 22nd Feb 2013

Can I use Carmaleze(Carmellose) for dry eyes?

I had wavefront Intralasik one month ago and have dry eyes due to long hours on the PC ...

By Mike M on 22nd Feb 2013

Vitamin C and Laser Eye Treatment?

5 days ago I had LASEK retreatment on both eyes (before 2nd Lasek -0.75 both eyes). The ...

By andy matllow on 15th Feb 2013

What Eye Surgery Would You Recommend?

Hi there, I am 44 years old with a prescription of Right : Sph +5.75 Cyl -0.75 Axis 25.0 ...

By Carol on 6th Feb 2013

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