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Scared about Lasek

Hi I had lasik about three years ago and my eyes regressed (I was -4.50 in both eyes ...

By rachel cowgill on 20th Feb 2014

Should I have RLE?

I have 20/20 vision in my left eye and blurred distance vision in my right eye but both ...

By peter swanson on 3rd Feb 2014

Am I suitable for laser eye surgery?

I have prescription bifocal glasses for long and short sight would I be suitable for ...

By pauline bailey on 2nd Feb 2014

Hi I had lasek 2 years ago

My left eye is still super sharp, but at times my right eye can seem a bit blurry. I ...

By Matthew on 29th Jan 2014

Will my near vision be affected?

I am 46 years old and my current prescription is Right SPH -7.50 CYL -1.00 AXIS 170.0 ...

By Adrian Gilbert on 23rd Jan 2014

Contact lenses and laser eye surgery

I am looking into laser eye surgery and currently wear rigid gas permeable lenses (have ...

By Adrian Gilbert on 22nd Jan 2014

Large pupil size and laser eye surgery?

I was told some years ago that i was unsuitable for laser eye treatment. My pupil size ...

By shane hannon on 11th Dec 2013

Can I drive straight after laser eye surgery?

There are no clinics in my town which means I will probably need to drive following the ...

By Nicola Currie on 28th Nov 2013

Risk of laser eye surgery causing Fuchs Dystrophy?

I am considering corrective laser treatment for short-sight. I am a 54 yr old female ...

By Roberta broughton on 20th Nov 2013

Laser eye surgery 2nd time around?

Hi, I had laser eye treatment at Optical Express nearly a year ago and still have astigmatism ...

By kay brown on 19th Nov 2013

Lasik for severe myopia?

Hi doctor I have a 6 Dioptres of Myopia and 1 Dioptre of astigmatism and I was wondering ...

By ahmed adil on 16th Nov 2013

Bilateral cataracts, Myopia + Presbyopia

Cataracts are increasingly affecting my vision, both in sunlight and night time driving. ...

By BernadetteJohnson on 9th Nov 2013

Pupil size rejected for laser eye surgery

Dear Doctor I am writing you from Italy I was rejected for PRK cause my pupils size I ...

By erbank on 3rd Nov 2013

Worried about prescription after Lasek Wavefront?

I had lasek wavefront 3 weeks ago. My prescription was R -6.5/L -8.0. I've been told ...

By Donna on 25th Sep 2013

Corneal thickness not enough for laser eye surgery?

I've been told that the thickness in my corneas don't fall within the guidelines for ...

By carly bettison on 20th Aug 2013

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