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Dental contouring

Dental contouring and reshaping refers to the same thing and is a cosmetic dental procedure that helps give you the perfect smile. Dental contouring is used to alter the length, shape or position of your teeth by sculpting the tooth into the desired shape. The procedure is painless and can normally be done instantly in one visit.

Dental contouring

Dental contouring can treat the following problems:

  • Irregular shaped teeth.

  • Over lapping teeth.

  • Chipped or cracked teeth


The following are important things to consider with Dental contouring:

  • Need normal healthy teeth.

  • Teeth may become weaker if large amounts or enamel (outer part of tooth) are removed.

  • Should be limited to minor changes.


The procedure: Dental contouring:

  • The dentist will X-ray the teeth to indicate how much of the tooth can be safely removed.

  • Teeth are then marked up with a pen to help the dentist with the sculpting process. Small amounts of surface enamel (outer tooth) are then removed using a drill or laser to eliminate or reduce the imperfections.

  • Abrasive strips are then moved backward and forwards between your teeth to help shape the sides of your teeth.

  • They are finally smoothed and polished to give you the desired finish.

  • Dental contouring is often used in conjunction with tooth bonding if large amounts of the teeth have to be reshaped.


Factors affecting the price: Dental contouring:

  • The extent of dental contouring that is required.

  • The number of teeth needing treatment.

  • Prices change from dentist to dentist depending on the location and reputation of the clinic.


‘This information is intended as a guide only and should not be used as a substitute for medical information from your own doctor’

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