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1 Day dental implants

The main problem with normal implants is the length of time needed to carry out the procedure and the fact that multiple visits are required. There is a recent development in which implants can potentially be completed within the space of a few hours.

A precision crown is custom made using the latest scanning technology and is attached on to an extremely accurately placed implant in just a few hours. By using a 3D CT scanner the dentist is able to get a very accurate picture of your jaw and from this a template is made to model the final restoration including the crown. The dentist uses the template to place the implant with tremendous precision thus allowing the crown to be immediately attached to the implant.

Not everyone is suitable for 1 Day dental implants and due to the highly advanced technology that is used and the high skill levels of the dentist the cost is even higher than that for normal implants.

‘This information is intended as a guide only and should not be used as a substitute for medical information from your own doctor’

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