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Ear correction (Otoplasty)Ear correction

The purpose of ear correction surgery (Otoplasty) is to reduce the size or prominence of the ears. People with large or protruding ears can become very self-conscious and consequently this treatment can have a great impact on their self-esteem.

The procedure: Ear correction:

The procedure can be carried out under either a local or general anaesthetic and normally takes about an hour. The procedure is as follows:

  • The surgeon makes an incision behind the ear in the natural fold between the ear and the persons head.

  • Cartilage and skin are then removed to achieve the desired effects. The incision is then stitched up.


Recovery period: Ear correction:

  • Following the surgery a bandage will be wrapped around you head.

  • Your ears will be tender and swollen for about a week.

  • The bandage and stitches are normally removed 1 week to 10 days after surgery.

  • After this time you are generally fine to start returning to normal activities.


Your surgeon may well ask you to refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking both before and after surgery as it can contribute to poor blood circulation and fluid retention.

Like with all surgeries, recovery times differ from one patient to the next and closely following the surgeons post operation instructions will generally lead to a quicker recovery period.


 The risks: Ear correction:

  • Numbness of ears – normally subsides.

  • Mild infection.
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