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Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery if I Have Glaucoma?

Can I have laser eye surgery if I have Glaucoma?
Glaucoma is fairly common eye disease that typically affects people over the age of 60 years old. Although there are many different types of Glaucoma the simplest way to describe the condition is as follows: ‘Glaucoma is an eye disease caused by an increase in eye pressure which leads to damage to the optic nerve’ Damage to your optic nerve will eventually lead to loss of your peripheral vision if it is not treated quickly enough. There are various different treatments for Glaucoma including laser treatment but by far the most common method of ... Read more

Is Laser Eye Surgery Good For All Types Of Vision Problems?

is laser eye surgery good for all types of vision problems
Laser eye surgery is the most commonly performed elective surgery in the UK with around 100,000 each year choosing to have the treatment. Laser eye surgery can be used to treat all types of visual problems which include long sightedness, short sightedness and astigmatism. The treatable range however is not as high for long sightedness as it is for short sightedness and astigmatism. Up until recently laser eye surgery was not capable of correcting presbyopia, which is an age related reading problem which happens to everyone as ... Read more

How Long Does Botox Take To Work?

Can Botox help droopy eye lids?
Botox is used to improve the appearance of the face and neck by reducing frow lines and wrinkles. Some people use Botox for ‘special occasions’ and it is therefore important that they know exactly how long it will take to work. People often wrongly assume that Botox works immediately but this is not the case. Does Botox always work? The simple answer to this question is yes and this is one of the reasons it is so popular. It does however have certain limitations and cannot treat every cosmetic problem you may have. For example, it can treat wrinkles to a certain extent but it cannot treat excessive sagging skin. During a consultation with your Botox practitioner you will be informed as to the realistic results you can expect. Does Botox work immediately? Botox never works immediately for anyone regardless of how many times you have had the procedure. It normally takes around 4 - 5 days for Botox to have the desired effects. After this point you should notice a considerable improvement in your appearance and for some people it can be quite dramatic. The effects will then continue to increase, reaching a peak at around 2 weeks following your first injection. You need to understand however that the results are not permanent and Botox normally lasts for around 4 months. Botox can last longer for some people and this is more likely if you are having a repeat treatment of the same area. ... Read more

Is Laser Eye Surgery OK For Children?

Is laser eye surgery ok for children?
Laser eye surgery is an extremely common procedure for adults but can it be used to treat children’s visual problem? Hundreds of thousands of children need to wear glasses in the UK and there is often a stigma attached to wearing them, making laser eye surgery a tempting option. Unfortunately the current youngest age for laser eye surgery is 18 years old but most clinics will ... Read more

Health 2.0 Paris Conference Review

Health 2.0 Paris conference
As a doctor that is passionate about technology and health care, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the Health 2.0 Conference in Paris a couple of weeks ago and I was really glad I went.  The conference was an excellent way to find out what was going on today in the world of Health and the Internet and to see the different approaches to solving health problems in the US and Europe. I really liked how well the conference was organised in terms of the demos and speakers - split into different areas like Patients and online communities, Physicians and online communities, Health 2.0 tools, Hospitals and Payers and of course not forgetting Pharma.  This helped ... Read more