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Advanced Vision Care


77 Harley Street, London, W1G 8QN

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About Advanced Vision Care

Based on Harley Street, Advanced Vision Care is a leading independent provider of state of the art laser vision correction. Our surgeons have been pioneering refractive surgery for years and are considered world leaders in their field.

We provide all facets of refractive surgery including lens implant and refractive lens exchange and offer first class aftercare for your peace of mind.

Our clinics use the revolutionary Zyoptix laser eye surgery suite which provides exceptional diagnostic and treatment capabilities. Couple this with our expert surgeons and you can see why we are considered one of the leaders in vision correction in Europe.

We firmly believe in offering a bespoke treatment plan as no single person is the same. We treat all our patients as individuals and welcome any suggestions you have to make your treatment more comfortable.

We genuinely believe our results speak for themselves, with 99% of our patients achieving 20/20 vision following surgery. A large number of our patients actually achieve better than 20/20 vision and many find their eye sight is even better than it ever was with their glasses or contact lenses.

For independent, patient centred eye care look no further than Advanced Vision Care.


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Advanced Vision Care Reviews

Liberation from glasses and contact lenses

I was referred to AVC by a friend and have been thrilled with the results. Liberation from glasses and contact lenses after 40 years and no chance of developing cataracts in future, Wonderful!

CLE Multifocal IOL by on

Thank You AVC!

Very friendly and professional staff who have great knowledge of the process. Excellent aftercare and I am very pleased with the results. Thank You AVC!

Lasik by on

Professional and Efficient

I viewed the website of 3 companies and spoke to them, AVC gave me the best impression.

I arranged a consultation which was thorough and all my questions were answered and an acceptable price was quoted for the lens replacement that I needed. This was necessary as I had worn hard contact lenses for 45 years. These had been excellent multi focus lenses that gave me good vision but eventually causes weak droopy eyelids which required an operation to tighten the eyelid muscles. It was not a good idea to continue with contact lenses and the glasses prescription was so great that I had to look in several sections to cross the road or pull out from a junction when driving. I chose to have lens replacements which give the all-round vision of the contact to me night and day, I am pleased with the result and found AVC to be a very professional and efficient, friendly, courteous and comfortable clinic that gave me the upmost confidence that I would receive available.

The only tiny thing I could mention is that although the hand dryers in the toilet looks nice, it’s not very efficient.

Lens Replacement by on

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Advanced Vision Care Photos

  • 1 of 5 - Advanced Vision Care uses the latest diagnostic equipment .

  • 2 of 5 - Advanced Vision Care uses the revolutionary Intralase FS Laser .

  • 3 of 5 - Advanced Vision Care Iris recognition .

  • 4 of 5 - Laser eye surgery at Advanced Vision Care .

  • 5 of 5 - Advanced Zyoptix Laser technology .

Advanced Vision Care Staff

Mr. C T Pillai

Mr C T Pillai is highly experienced and one of the most well respected laser eye surgeons in the UK. He carries out all laser eye surgeries at Advanced Vision Care and has gained a reputation for providing exceptional laser eye surgery results. He is well liked by his patients as his amenable manner puts people at ease.

Mr C T Pillai is the founder and director of Advanced Vision Care and his vision has seen the practice grow into a clinic that uses only the very latest technology in refractive surgery. His skills combined with the quality of the equipment he uses, means complex patients are often referred into his care from other laser eye surgery centres.

Mr Pillai has worked alongside many pioneering surgeons in both the UK and USA and has gained immense experience in the process. His reputation as a pioneer in laser eye surgery is proved by the fact that he was the first surgeon in the UK to perform bilateral Lasik eye surgery. He is also in a select group of surgeons to hold 2 fellowships; one in refractive surgery the other in corneal surgery.


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Dr. Goran Helgason

Dr Goran Helgason is a proud member of the Advanced Vision Care medical team and he specialises in performing Implantable contact lenses, cataract operations, refractive lens exchange and Multifocal Intra Ocular lenses. Such procedures are often carried out on patients who are unsuitable for laser eye surgery.

Such is his excellence in the field of refractive surgery he has recently been appointed as an international course instructor and medical advisor for STAAR Surgical, a leading manufacturer of ICL lenses. Such is his belief in the benefits of implantable contact lenses he decided to have the surgery himself ridding himself of his glasses in the process!


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Professor Martin Filipec

Professor Martin Filipec is a member of the Advanced Vision Care medical advisory group and performs Implantable contact lens procedure, refractive lens exchange and Multifocal Intra-ocular lenses. Such procedures are often considered when a patient is not suitable for laser eye surgery.

Professor Martin Filipec is from the Czech Republic and is considered a pioneer in refractive surgery. Having qualified there as a doctor his motivation and determination led him to the USA where he studied at the world renowned Harvard University, eventually becoming a professor.

On returning to Prague he opened his own private eye clinic called Lexum which to this day is still regarded as one of the finest vision correction centres in the Czech Republic.


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Advanced Vision Care Map


77 Harley Street, London, W1G 8QN

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