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London Change branch

42-48 New Kings Road, Fulham, London, SW6 4LS

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About Accuvision

Accuvision is a first class laser eye surgery facility that specialises in bespoke treatments tailored to your individual needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to treat complex cases, many of whom have been deemed unsuitable for laser eye surgery from high street chains.

Our success is based on a winning combination of state of the art technology and highly skilled surgeons.

We use the very latest AccuWave technology coupled with fourth generation FS200 Femtosecond laser.  Our Alcon WaveLight EX500 Excimer laser is the fastest on the market resulting in better visual results and quicker healing times.

Our surgeons all have at least 10 years refractive surgery experience and have expertise in all of the different procedures. Our surgeons are considered pioneers in laser eye surgery and are continuingly striving to improve standards in both safety and visual results.

All prospective patients will be offered a free comprehensive consultation with no obligation to go ahead with surgery. We promise never to pressure you or upsell on any of our procedures. We will simply offer you the laser eye surgery which we think is best for your particular needs.

We genuinely believe there is no better place to have your treatment than Accuvision.


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Accuvision Reviews

The surgical procedure was so easy

I’d taken a passing interest in laser eye surgery over the last 10 or so years, as I’ve had short sight at -4.75 in each eye since the age of 14 and have worn glasses and then contact lenses. The lenses have never caused me problems and I’ve worn them more for the fact that I play squash than for vanity. But I’d always dismissed laser surgery as being too “new” and untested and like most people was concerned about my eyes! I was also aware that the procedures in the past were not too good with many people who reported poor night vision and other complications.

What convinced me to go with Accuvision was a combination of their extremely thorough examination of my eyes – telling me things no optician before has picked u[ on, together with the clearly very advanced technology they employ – I checked with other clinics and they seemed very low tech in comparison.

I was advised that at my age –sort of mid 40s! – the need for reading glasses would have been delayed by my short sight but could kick in as soon as I had perfect distance vision restored. So I went ahead with the “monovision” they recommended. This basically corrected one eye to perfect and the other slightly under this giving me good near and far sight.

The surgical procedure was so easy, there was a slight discomfort that evening and now I have absolutely perfect eyesight, don’t notice the slight under-correction in my left eye and don’t have any need for reading glasses. Their aftercare has been as thorough and detailed as their initial consultation and surgery.

Laser Eye Surgery by on

I would fully recommend Accuvision

I had laser surgery just before Christmas. I was extremely nervous but the Accuvision team couldn’t have done more to put my mind at rest. Everything was explained thoroughly and in terms that I could understand fully. They fully managed my expectations and the actual treatment presented me with no surprises at all.

I would fully recommend Accuvision, the results are fantastic – no more contact lenses or glasses for me! They even provide a fantastic hand holding service – for those of us who are more nervous than others! You’re definitely in safe hands with Accuvision.

Laser Eye Surgery by on

I can now drive and watch TV without glasses

After the first consultation at Accuvision my confidence was increased by the staff’s friendly and professional approach. I had no reason to lose this confidence throughout the procedure and am delighted with the results.

I had worn glasses since the age of twelve and was unable to wear contact lenses so to suddenly be able to go without glasses is fantastic. It’s strange, but great to think that I can now drive and watch TV without glasses and open my eyes first thing in the morning able to see.

To those who have always had good vision it might not seem a big deal but for me it has made a huge difference.

Laser Eye Surgery by on

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42-48 New Kings Road, Fulham, London, SW6 4LS

  • No credit card required
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  • Completely free service

Need help booking online? Call us 0207 100 6186

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